[collectd] SNMP Sub-OID Question

David Mitchell mitchell at ucar.edu
Tue Dec 1 18:06:17 CET 2009

David Mitchell wrote:
> Florian Forster wrote:
>> Letting the user specify a format string is a bit tricky because the
>> number of values cannot be determined a priori. So maybe something like
>> this would be in order:
>>   InstanceOIDFormat "%02x"
>>   InstanceOIDSeparator ":"
>> This would format each value of the OID using "%02x" and concatenate
>> them together using ":" as the separator. So the above (5, 6, 127) would
>> become "05:06:7f".
> That might be a workable config. It should be possible to make it work 
> either with or without the Instance mapping. To be honest, I'm less 
> particular about the exact formatting than I am in just having it be 
> unique per instance.

Looking at this more, I'm probably going to quickly hit another bump.
The fixed DATA_MAX_NAME_LEN specifically. The index for the table I'm
interested in is actually the ifIndex, the SSID and the MAC Address
combined. I may be able to squeeze in my 16 character SSID, but there
are going to be other cases where it's going to quickly overflow 64

I believe for example that JunOS have verbose indexes for it's firewall
policer counters which include the text of the policer name. Looking for
example at my Cricket meta files, my indexes are routinely over 100
characters in dotted notation ( etc). Even if I dumped them as
hex with no separator, I'd still hit 64 characters in a lot of cases.
Are there any plans to expand the maximum name length? Or even better
allow it to be a dynamic size?

-David Mitchell

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