[collectd] collectd / unixsock memory leak: bug + patch

Ben Knight bkk at nerdboy.net.au
Tue Dec 1 09:55:56 CET 2009

> oh, thanks for the pointer and the patch :) I've applied  the patch to
> the "collectd-4.7" branch so this problem will be fixed in the next
> patch releases.

Is that the 4.7 branch or 4.8 ? The patch was taken against the 4.8.1 
debian package.

> Just out of curiosity: Are you importing the collectd history into SVN?
> It's just that I haven't seen anyone doing it this way around yet (i.e.
> importing a Git repository into SVN ;)

Sort of ... ;) We maintain in house backports of various debian packages 
in our SVN repo.


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