[collectd] Bug#535787: collectd: powerdns monitoring hangs on the pdns socket (pdns 2.9.22)

Luke Heberling collectd at c-ware.com
Thu Aug 20 21:02:14 CEST 2009

On Wednesday 19 August 2009 14:18:05 Sebastian Harl wrote:
> Hrm … reading through the original bug report again, I think there's
> another issue as well. Thomas, did you use the 'LocalSocket' config
> option at all? Could you please provide your configuration? Since the
> problem did not exist when using powerdns this issue seems to
> be unrelated to that option.

If powerdns is running chrooted then the condition would be triggered even in 
the absence of the LocalSocket option. Is this the case?
Can the problem be reproduced after the patch is applied? If there's another 
bug here then I expect the patched version to emit an error message that might 

Luke Heberling

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