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Domagoj Mikac domagoj.mikac at metronet.hr
Sat Aug 15 15:25:39 CEST 2009


I'am using a snmp plugin to collect traffic statistics from network interfaces in our network. 

In situations when using a Table parametar = true, the plugin simply walks all interfaces. 
In my case it is about 1000 interfaces on a single device, and I would like to collect snmp data from only 100 interfaces.

So my question is, is it possible to filter out some of the interfaces in SNMP Plugin for collectd. 
More precisely I would like to exclude all the interfaces that contain expression "vlan" in their description.  

Currently I'm using a following configuration:

    <Data "unicast_traffic64">
        Type "if_octets64"
        Table true
        Instance "IF-MIB::ifDescr"
        Values "IF-MIB::ifHCInOctets" "IF-MIB::ifHCOutOctets"
        Scale 8

thank you
Domagoj Mikac

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