[collectd] Exec plugin PUTVAL

IP2 Internet (Jan Baggen) jbaggen at ip2.nl
Wed Aug 12 16:16:56 CEST 2009

Im using Collectd exec plugin to read values from MySQL database and 

create rrd files from it. The script writes to STDOUT.


This works:


PUTVAL pdu1/exec/ampere-b-0 interval=300 1250086130:1.5:1.6

PUTVAL pdu2/exec/ampere-a-0 interval=300 1250086130:2.2:2.3

PUTVAL pdu3/exec/ampere-b-0 interval=300 1250086130:0.9:1.1

PUTVAL pdu4/exec/ampere-a-0 interval=300 1250086130:1.0:1.1


This works fine. The values are updated at interval 300. But if we

specifiy rck26.gs as the identifier in PUTVAL no rrd files are created.


This does not work:


PUTVAL rck26.gs/exec/ampere-b-0 interval=300 1250086162:1.5:1.6

PUTVAL rck26.gs/exec/ampere-a-0 interval=300 1250086162:2.2:2.3

PUTVAL rck25.gs/exec/ampere-b-0 interval=300 1250086162:0.9:1.1

PUTVAL rck25.gs/exec/ampere-a-0 interval=300 1250086162:1.0:1.1


The identifier is unique.


Kind regards,


Jan Baggen


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