[collectd] Support for derive rrd-type (was: Support for DERIVED rrd-type)

Ulf Kreutzberg ulf.kreutzberg at hosteurope.de
Fri Sep 26 14:58:21 CEST 2008

Hello again,

the quick fix (very dirty, collectd-4.4.2) was to replace in rrdtool.c,
ds_get(), row 276
type = "COUNTER";
type = "DERIVE";

So all COUNTER types are written to DERIVE type ds.
Perhaps it will work for me.

Best regards,

Ulf Kreutzberg wrote:
> Hi folks,
> perhaps you have some ideas for me.
> I have noticed collectd only has support for GAUGE and COUNTER
> RRD-DS-types. Especially if you count network-interfaces and reset them
> counters to zero, rrdtool will probably create a full-rate spike as it
> assumes that a counter overflow (32 or 64bit) has happened. So I would
> like to use the DERIVED type (with the perl-plugin) which can be used as
> a counter without wraps. Is there any chance to accomplish that?

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