[collectd] Plugins for postfix, amavisd-new and powerdns

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Mon Mar 31 21:05:38 CEST 2008

Hi Luke,

the problem is that I need to specify a ``type'' for each value, because
values either be a counter (e. g. number of questions since start) or a
gauge value (e. g. number of entries in a cache). I don't want to simply
add a ``type'' for each value the daemon can provide, because similar
graphs already exist and by re-using those types the graphing
infrastructure can be re-used, too, and things like `noerror-answers'
and `nxdomain-answers' should be transformed into collectd's naming
scheme, so that multiple files can end up in one graph. That's why I
used `dns_rcode-NXDOMAIN' for the latter, for example.

Supporting _all_ counters the recursor can offer and let the user set
another command if he doesn't like it is a good point, I didn't think of
that for whatever reason.

That the authorative server can't provide several values at once is a
bummer.[1] Wouldn't be querying all wanted values in a loop be a good
idea then? That way the user could provide a list of all the values he
wants - with a fairly complete default setting..

Thanks for the PDF, hopefully it has some more details than the online
HTML documentation..


[1] To be honest, this wan't the first thing that annoyed me. The first
    thing was that the server doesn't start without a backend and
    complains about that to file descriptor 2, aka. STDERR - _after_
    closing it and dup'ing /dev/null to that FD.. Hooray for strace..
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