[collectd] A few problems and suggestions

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Sun Mar 16 12:31:02 CET 2008

I recently installed collectd and I really appreciated all the stuff it 
can do. But I have a few frustrating problems:
- sensors reading (through lm-sensors) isn't fully working: first of 
all, it seems to me there's no support for libsensors4 yet, so 
libsensors3 package is needed; then everything is collected but the 
temperatures, making the sensors plugin quite unuseful.
- the ping plugin don't work. It's totaly silent, nor data neither 
logging. (yes, liboping0 is already installed)
- the hddtemp plugin prevent hdparm to put drives in standby mode after 
a certain period of time: so, hdparm -S <time> /dev/hd? don't work 
anymore (hdparm -y /dev/hd? does, but it's unuseful to me).
- I'd rather have some values stored in a single rdd file rather than 
having to plot many files in a single graph. I can see that the 
interface plugin beaves like that, storing rx and tx data together, 
right? How can I use the types.db for this purpose (for example for the 
CPU activity or for the sensors readings, recording different temps or 
different fans in a single rrd)? Is it possibile? Documentation about 
types.db it's really essential.

At this time, untill this problems are solved, I have to use 
rrdtool/rrdcollect, but I think collectd it's a really good project and 
I'd like to use it as soon as possibile.

Thanks for paying attention.
Marco Chiappero

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