[collectd] Patch to make wireless plugin compatible to more drivers.

xm at leipzig.freifunk.net xm at leipzig.freifunk.net
Sun Jun 8 16:43:52 CEST 2008

(oops, sent my reply as private mail - sorry, here's a copy to the list)

Hi octo,

> Obviously the Broadcom developers didn't do their homework well: They
> got the values right, but forgot to set those flags. So the most elegant
> thing would be for you to complain to them and for them to fix it by
> setting those flags ;)

well said ;)

Unfortunately they don't seem to be very responsive to community complaints,
but b43 is underway so let's hope for an adequate open source driver
replacement in the near future.

> The kernel subtracts 0x100 == 256 instead of 255. Could you update your
> patch to do that, too? I'll then gladly apply it to the 4.3 branch, so
> that it'll end up in the next patch release.

Oops, the patch contains 256.0 and I wrote 255 in the mail, this happens
when I write my mails in the late night :D

If you encounter problems or have change requests then let me know, I'll
update the patch then.


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