[collectd] Configuration for disk plugin

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Wed Jul 23 15:59:15 CEST 2008

Hi Pavel,

On Wed, Jul 23, 2008 at 04:29:36PM +0300, Pavel Georgiev wrote:
> According to 
> http://collectd.org/documentation/manpages/collectd.conf.5.shtml#plugin_disk 
> the disk plugin accepts configuration but if I add:
> <Plugin disk>
>   Disk "sda"
> </Plugin>
> I get these in logs:
> Found a configuration for the `disk' plugin, but the plugin isn't loaded or 
> didn't register a configuration callback.
> Collectd 4.3.0 on Ubuntu 8.04.

This feature has been added in 4.4.0... see the documentation that's
shipped with the package you've got installed.


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