[collectd] uc_insert: Value too old

Pavel Georgiev pavel at netclime.com
Tue Jul 22 20:29:06 CEST 2008


I had more than one rule with the same comment with the assumption that 
collectd aggregates the data (that would be nice to have, coming from ipac-ng 
I thought collectd does the same).

Now a have unique comments and sum then when visualizing in rrdtool - again it 
is more work but it works.

My suggestion here would be for iptables plugin to sum counters with the same 
comment. For example if I need to monitor udp and tcp traffic for DNS I need 
two rules in iptables but I dont really need two counters.

On Tuesday 22 July 2008 20:30:53 Florian Forster wrote:
> Hi Pavel,
> On Tue, Jul 22, 2008 at 08:11:30PM +0300, Pavel Georgiev wrote:
> > uc_insert: Value too old: name = r
> > host/iptables-mangle-POSTROUTING/ipt_packets-POP3 Outgoing ALL;
> >   value time = 1216719524;
> >   last cache update = 1216719524;
> the timestamp of the updates that go into the cache must be increasing.
> Otherwise you'd have more than one value per second or even time that's
> running backwards.
> The most common source of this error is that one data set (read: RRD
> file) is updated twice in one interval. So in your case I guess that you
> have two rules with a comment ``POP3 Outgoing ALL'' or two such entries
> in the config file.
> To work around that problem, rename one or both of the rules, so they
> don't have the same name anymore. For example, use
> ``POP3 Outgoing ALL eth0'', and ``POP3 Outgoing ALL vlan42''.
> Regards,
> -octo

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