[collectd] network plugin not receiving any data

Philipp Giebel newsletter at amb-net.de
Wed Jan 23 10:20:42 CET 2008

Am Montag 21 Januar 2008 15:15:41 schrieb Philipp Giebel:
> Am Montag 21 Januar 2008 14:35:41 schrieb Sebastian Harl:
> > Hi Philipp,
> >
> > On Mon, Jan 21, 2008 at 12:22:05PM +0100, Philipp Giebel wrote:
> > > This morning I saw that there is an email plugin, now.. So I installed
> > > v4.2.3 on my mailserver, configured and started it, but my "main
> > > collectd" wasn't receiving any data from the mail-server. It still
> > > received data from other servers using oder versions of collectd.
> >
> > The email plugin does not collect any values by itself. It is similar to
> > the unixsock plugin - it collects values provided thru a UNIX socket.
> > Values have to be fed to this interface from some external program. See
> > contrib/SpamAssassin/ for an example plugin that feeds data from
> > SpamAssassin to the email plugin.
> >
> > See collectd-email(5) for more details.
> Yes, I know that.. The sa-plugin is installed and (should be) running.. But
> the problem isn't only with the email-module but with all
> collectd-installations sending their data to the main-server..

Hi again..

All the problems with old collectd's not sending any data anymore where caused 
by myself.. ;)
When updating collectd the types.db was overwritten. So the lines for my 
own "collectors" where missing.. Now that I've added them again, everything's 
fine.. :)

I don't know yet, if collectd-email is working, too, but that's not important 
for me, since I'm still using mailgraph, atm..
I'll give it another try as soon as I'm finished with my other stuff..

Cheers and thanks again for your fast and nice help,

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