[collectd] Thought about exec and types.db

Jeff Waugh jdub at perkypants.org
Sun Jan 20 13:58:08 CET 2008

<quote who="Florian Forster">

> I think the best way to handle this is to copy the file to
> /opt/collectd/var or /var/lib/collectd and change the config file to point
> to this file. I see however that this is not an appropriate solution if
> the file is included in a package and may change in the next version.

Ah, perhaps this should be regarded as a configuration file and shipped in
/etc/collectd instead? Then most package management tools will either not
modify it, or give you the option to check changes.

> Changing the config parsing to allow multiple `TypesDB' statements should
> be relatively easy and would allow to make additions to the shipped file
> using a second file somewhere else. So I'd strongly prefer this solution.
> I'll put this on my todo-list.

That would be awesome. One can define collectd upstream types, the other can
live in /etc/collectd to define local types.

Thanks very much!

- Jeff

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