[collectd] How to compile my own plugin?

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Wed Dec 24 11:39:36 CET 2008

Florian Forster ha scritto:

Hi Florian,

> I've updated the web page describing
> the build system to be more specific.

Good, I made the changes needed in the configure.in and Makefile.am 
files, then the build.sh script made the job and everything is working 
now. Thank you for all the informations you provided and your support. 
Many thanks. :)
BTW, in the "automake" section in the web pages you wrote "If you want 
to add your own plugin to src/, the on in that directory is the one you 
need to edit." I suppose an "e" is missing, I think you mean "the file 
in that directory is the one you need to edit", is it right?

[ip6tables plugin]
> Since the iptables plugin has only one statement (`Chain'), adding
> something like `Chain6' seems easy enough. I fear that next year someone
> will come along and need `ebtables'.. So I think it's best to put all
> the netlink stuff in a separate module and create two plugins. That's
> much cleaner in the long run, imho.

Ok, agree.

[uptime plugin]
> Okay, go ahead and send it in, I'll take a look :)

Well, it's very much like the entropy plugin... no, it's indeed the 
entropy plugin you wrote! However I'm attaching the code so you can have 
a look. About Linux I thinks recent kernels are using a 64 bit counter, 
a double should be always fine. It would be good to extend it to support 
different OSs.
Here is an image too: http://i44.tinypic.com/fnd0d0.png (don't care 
about the almost empty legend, I wanted to do some modification I never 
completed, so in the meantime I commented them out to be able to plot).

I'm leaving for a vacation, I will not be able to reply for a couple of 
weeks. I the meantime I wish you a Merry Christmas and an Happy New Year!


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