[collectd] How to compile my own plugin?

Marco Chiappero marco at absence.it
Fri Dec 5 19:47:42 CET 2008

I modified the entropy plugin to get some uptime statistics but I don't 
know how to compile it. Yes, I've read 
http://collectd.org/development/build-system.shtml but honestly I think 
it's almost impossible to understand something useful without knowing 
how make, automake ecc... work.
Well, I'd like to suggest adding a plugin too: an ip6tables plugin. It 
should be easy being the iptables already implemented but I'm not sure 
whether it is better to create a new plugin or modify the iptables one 
adding IPv6 functionality. Does it sound interesting?
About the uptime plugin, I "created" it (well, I had to modify almost 
nothing :D) because I used to collect uptime on my own home server with 
rrdcollect (I'm moving to collectd ;), but if you find it interesting 
please include it in the upstream package. I can't extend it no more 
because I don't know how to retrieve this information on systems other 
than linux, but it could be used on many other OSs.
Let me know what do you think about, ok?


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