[collectd] output plugin for Splunk

Clay Loveless clay at mashery.com
Wed Aug 20 01:31:31 CEST 2008


I'm interested in a collectd output plugin to pipe collected  
information directly into Splunk.

I've attempted do to this by adding a Splunk indexer host/port combo  
to the 'Network' plugin, but apparently the collectd client-to- 
collectd server pairing is required for the Network plugin, as what I  
tried didn't work.

What I tried:

- created a Splunk UDP data input on port 3012, sourcetype "misc_text"

- sent a very simple "hello there" UDP message to Splunk server to  
make sure that the input was working (it was)

- added the hostname and port 3012 to Network connection on the  
collectd client

- built with the --enable-debug flag on the collectd client (saw no  
'network plugin: sendto failed:' errors in my debug log)

So, it appears that the message is making it to my Splunk box, but  
because the basic UDP listener on that side does not have the  
parse_packet() fu that network.c has, it just barfs and tosses the  

I'm not expecting to find Splunk experts on this list (though there  
may be some!), but based on what's known here about the sending side  
of the collectd Network plugin, is there anything I could/should be  
doing differently here?



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