[collectd] cpu module and saving jiffies / OpenBSD

Michael Stapelberg michael+collectd at stapelberg.de
Mon Aug 4 17:39:28 CEST 2008

Hi Sebastian,

* [04.08.08 17:25]:
> On Linux, the default is usually to have 100 jiffies per second. So, in
> that case, you automagically get a percentage value.
Yeah, that's what made no sense to me at first ;-).

> Since this question comes up quite frequently and using jiffies seems to
> confuse quite a few users, we might think about changing that at some
Not only it confuses some users, but using jiffies (or whatever the equivalent
is) just plainly does not work well on OpenBSD. Using percentages is much
butter in this case.

> point in the future. However, prior to that, somebody would have to
> double check if percentage values could be collected on all platforms
> currently supported by the cpu plugin.
I'm not so familiar with your concept of dependencies, but libstatgrab, which
has to be used on OpenBSD for collecting these values, does provide
cross-platform percentage measurement of CPU usage.

> However, this change would require a backward-incompatible change to the
> cpu RRD files, so this won't happen before version 5.0. Also, this
> change would have to be done for _all_ supported platforms
> simultaneously, as else we'd get different RRD files for different
> platforms which would basically make a heterogeneous environment
> impossible.
Of course. My attached patch was just an example to show how it's done. The
respective maintainers of the different systems (if there are) or the
maintainer of the CPU module should update the other systems aswell.

Best regards,
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