[collectd] perl compilation error

Oleg King king2 at kaluga.ru
Mon Apr 28 13:28:46 CEST 2008


> Just to make sure, we're talking about the same thing: What does line
> 1367 in src/perl.c say? Is it "PERL_SYS_INIT3 (&argc, &argv,
> &environ);"?

Yes, this line.

> If that's the case, please check what it expands to on your platform:

>   cd src
>   gcc -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I/usr/local/include -Wall \
>     -I/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/mach/CORE \
>     -DAPPLLIB_EXP=/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/BSDPAN \
>     .deps/perl_la-perl.Tpo \
>     -g -O2 -MT perl_la-perl.lo -MD -MP -MF -E -fPIC -DPIC perl.c

I made:
make distclean
cd src
sh doit (having gсс... lines pasted inside 'doit' file :))

It is output:
perl.c: In function 'init_pi':
perl.c:1367: warning: value computed is not used
/usr/bin/ld:.deps/perl_la-perl.Tpo: file format not recognized; treating as linker script
/usr/bin/ld:.deps/perl_la-perl.Tpo:1: syntax error

and I have new file named '-E' in src directory. It started with lines:
perl_la-perl.lo: perl.c collectd.h config.h /usr/include/stdio.h \
  /usr/include/sys/cdefs.h /usr/include/sys/_null.h \                          
  /usr/include/sys/_types.h /usr/include/machine/_types.h \                    
  /usr/include/sys/types.h /usr/include/machine/endian.h \                     

  ... etc (something about 8k bytes of such text)

I have read man gcc, looked on make output and odified your line this
gcc -E -DHAVE_CONFIG_H -I. -I/usr/local/include -Wall \
    -I/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/mach/CORE \
    -DAPPLLIB_EXP=/usr/local/lib/perl5/5.8.8/BSDPAN \
    -g -O2 -MT perl_la-perl.lo -MD -MP -MF .deps/perl_la-perl.Tpo \
    -fPIC -DPIC perl.c

After that I got BIG OUTPUT of parsed text. :)

> If you're unsure how to get the relevant parts out of that output,
> please send all of the output to the list.

I found parsed line:

 if (0 != pthread_key_create (&perl_thr_key, c_ithread_destructor)) {
  plugin_log (3, "perl: " "init_pi: pthread_key_create failed");
  exit (1);

>>> ((int) (~__fpsetreg(~(0), 0, 0x3f, 0)) & (0x3f >> 0)); ;

 perl_threads = (c_ithread_list_t *)smalloc (sizeof (c_ithread_list_t));
 memset (perl_threads, 0, sizeof (c_ithread_list_t));

 Indeed, value calculated here is not used...
 What should I do to make 'make' happier? :)

 Oleg                          mailto:king2 at kaluga.ru

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