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Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Mon Apr 28 10:56:31 CEST 2008


On Mon, Apr 28, 2008 at 02:42:38AM +0400, Oleg King wrote:
>    I'm not familiar with git package, so please forgive me lamer
>    mistakes if any :)

Don't worry - Git is not obvious in some cases... ;-)

>    I have tried to clone fresh sources by issuing command:
>    > git clone git://git.verplant.org/collectd.git
>    but got 4.3.2 strange mix of files. At least ChacgeLog, README and
>    some other files was not from newest 4.3.3 but from 4.3.2.

The latest changes to 4.3 have not yet been merged into master (that's
kinda, where the "bleeding-edge" development is going on). I'm sure,
Florian will do so soonish.

For now, you can use the collectd-4.3 branch, if you don't need any of
the non-bug-fix changes which are only available in master. Else, you
can merge yourself.

(Assuming that you use some 1.5.x version of Git...)

... to use the collectd-4.3 branch, do:

  git checkout --track -b collectd-4.3 origin/collectd-4.3

... to merge collectd-4.3 into master, do:

  git merge origin/collectd-4.3

See [1] for more documentation - the tutorial should be a good starting

[1] http://git.or.cz/#documentation

The following is a short overview of the collectd repository layout
(Florian, I think this could be added to the development section of the

  ...o---o---o---o---M---o---M---o... master
      \       \     /       /
       \       o---M---o---M---o... collectd-X.Y
        \         /       /
         o---o---o---o---o collectd-X-(Y-1)

  o: arbitrary commit
  M: merge commit

Now, bug-fix changes usually go into the oldest maintenance branch which
is affected by the bug (collectd-X-(Y-1) in this example) and are merged
all the way up to all other maintenance branches and master. As frequent
merges introduce quite a mess in the history graph (technically that's
no problem, but it doesn't "look nice" ;-)) that's only done once in a
while. Thus, maintenance branches might contain commits which are not
available in master in some cases.

New development (new features) are committed to master, so, if you want
to test bleeding-edge stuff (which will go into the next (minor)
release), you have to use that branch.

I hope this makes sense. Feedback and further questions are appreciated,
as I think this is something that should be documented ;-)


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