[collectd] Versions 4.0.8 and 4.1.1 available

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Thu Sep 13 10:01:53 CEST 2007

Hi Andi,

On Thu, Sep 13, 2007 at 10:00:24AM +0300, Andi Lõhmus wrote:
> One file it creates is named "percent-charge". This seems to be the
> ups load percent instead.

eek, you're right.. I didn't pay attention when fixing this. The
previous line was
 apc_submit_generic ("apcups_charge_pct", "", apcups_detail->loadpct);
which I simply changed to
 apc_submit_generic ("percent", "charge", apcups_detail->loadpct);
without thinking..

I'll check if this bug is present in version 3.11 too and release new
versions eventually.. I hope this is not such a huge issue that you need
a new release right away? I feel a little bad for throwing out new
versions like a maniac for minor issues like this ;)

It's fixed in the repository of course ;)

Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
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