[collectd] [PATCH] Added the AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R check.

Philipp Giebel newsletter at amb-net.de
Sun Sep 2 16:56:15 CEST 2007

Sebastian Harl schrieb:
> Even though Posix requires "strerror_r" to return an "int", some systems
> (e.g. the GNU libc) return a "char *" _and_ ignore the second argument.
> sstrerror() (in src/common.c) has been changed to be aware of this and
> handle both cases correctly.

What the..? :) After having applied that patch to the vanilla 4.1.0
source, files for "/usr/lib/collectd/" are being installed in
"/usr/lib/AC_PACKAGE_TARNAME/".. :-O

I'm doing just the same I did all the times before:

  ./configure --prefix=/usr
  checkinstall make install

(also tried without checkinstall to see if it's the Makefile or
checkinstall that's messing up the directories.. Looks like it's the
Makefile.. ;) )

What have I done?? ;)


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