[collectd] multi-threading support in the perl plugin

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Tue Nov 13 23:55:40 CET 2007

Hi everybody,

The following series of patches add basic multi-threading support to the perl
plugin. Basically, each C thread, which accesses the perl plugin, will be
mapped to an interpreter based Perl thread. The implementation has been
inspired by Perl' ithreads introduced in version 5.6.0 and should be
compatible (as in: can be used side-by-side) with it. You can use the
"threads::shared" module (along with the "threads" module) to share data
structures between threads of either implementation.

The perl plugin now requires libperl to be build with ithread support in order
to compile correctly. An appropriate check has been added to the configure

The new code has not been tested very thoroughly yet, so testers and feedback
are mostly welcome and appreciated.


Sebastian "tokkee" Harl +++ GnuPG-ID: 0x8501C7FC +++ http://tokkee.org/

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