[collectd] Missing hddtemp, ping and sensors results

Jesper Jensen collectd_ml at elector.dk
Sun Sep 24 16:00:52 CEST 2006

Hi there.

The last couple of weeks I've been using collectd v3.10.1 on my Debian 
Etch box, and it mostly works great. Graphs like traffic, cpu usage and 
more are just perfect, but I can't quite seem to get a couple of the 
plugins to work.

The plugins I can't get working are: hddtemp, ping and sensors. Here's a 
snip of the related issues from my /etc/collectd/collectd.conf file.

---- Parts of my collectd.conf ----
LoadPlugin hddtemp
LoadPlugin ping
LoadPlugin sensors

<Plugin hddtemp>
    Port 7634

<Plugin ping>

As far as I understand collectd, it should generate a RRD file/database 
for each of the measurements it does, correct? It does make load.rrd, 
memory.rrd etc. and they work great so I suppose it ought to make RRD's 
for all?

About hddtemp:
The Plugin hddtemp part should be default, but I've uncommented it just 
to be sure. When I do a "telnet 7634" I get a pip-seperated 
list like this
That looks alright to me.

About ping:
I suppose it should generate a RRD for each of my hosts, but nothing 
happens, not even one ping-related RRD is generated.

About sensors:
the sensors command returns lots of information about my system, 
including temp2 (my CPU temp) and others. But I don't get any RRD's made.

I wonder if this is bug's or if I'm doing anything wrong. Any sugestions?

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