[collectd] 3.10.1 - proposed patch to extend sensors plugin UPDATED

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Sat Oct 28 09:26:20 CEST 2006

Hi Lubos,

On Fri, Oct 27, 2006 at 05:27:47PM +0200, Lubo?? Stan??k wrote:
> Attachements:
> 1 patch for an immediate use with the current stable version
> 2 patches for the current git tree.

sorry, but the two smaller patches don't apply and the complete, bigger
one doesn't seem to include the changes to the .pod-files.

I've uploaded my `ls/sensors' branch to the git repository. It includes
your patch from Wednesday (Message-ID: <453F670D.5000306 at users.sourceforge.net>)
and the two changes you've asked for. Could you please rebase your
changes to that tree and send the patches, preferably using
`git-send-email(1)', directly to me? Thanks :)

> P.S.: syslog() is used only in the initialization functions.

Whenever there is an error, you should still report it. Using `perror',
for example, is not good, since STDOUT and STDERR are redirected to
`/dev/null'. If `malloc' fails, it's an emergency and should be reported
as such.

Florian octo Forster
Hacker in training
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