[collectd] collection.cgi not displaying load.rrd graph

Patrick Wong pawong at versasys.com
Fri Oct 27 19:21:29 CEST 2006

  I presently run collectd 3.7.0 on Redhat ES 4 update 4 and the 3.10.0
on Fedora Core 5. Both are installed as RPMs downloaded from
  collectd was setup in a client/server mode, with one system in server
mode and the rest in client mode. I had the collection.cgi script on the
system setup as server.
  When I go to
I see all the rrd graphs I configured collectd to collect, but NOT
system load. This is true on both version of collectd. I read up on the
load module info and there doesn't seem to require any configuration in
/etc/collectd.conf. Am I missing something? load.rrd does get generated
on the server from data sent from clients. I can do a rrdtool dump if
this help.
   Any help will be appreciated.

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