[collectd] Is there any possibility to hide the address in the web archive?

Luboš Staněk lubek at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Nov 26 19:08:34 CET 2006

Hi Florian,
is there any possibility to hide the "username at foo.com" in the web
archive of the list?
Maybe you looked over my previous message.

I am getting very large amount of garbage into my mailbox from the time
of registering into this list. It could be also caused by any malware at
some subscriber.
The sf.net address is 3 years old. I have not had troubles using the
address so far.
The mail garbage started to come mainly from t-ipconnect.de and with
addresses mainly from the .de domain. Unfortunately my address is spread
over the whole world today.

I am preparing to close the mail address at sf.net as I am not able to
separate valid mail and spam.

Maybe I will get limitedly unconfined connection some day to host my own
domain. It is not currently possible. I can get only indefinitely
limited connection for a reasonable price.

Best regards,

This really makes me laughing loud:
>From the mailman documentation:
----- snip ---------
Show member addrs so they're not directly recognizable as email addrs?

This is a nice feature that discourages theft of lists: the membership
list does not show actually addresses but instead shows participants as
"username at foo.com". This should block most harvesters if they manage
to get through to the listing.
----- snip ---------

I have several traps on my web pages in two forms. One form is visible
in the html text view and the second is hidden in the form/href tags and
scripts. The major part of robots take the one visible inside the html
text and a href tag, only a small part of robots dig inside the code and
is able to extract address from the scripts and other tags.
The delimiter replacing the @ symbol has no effect. The robots try any
combination that looks as a delimiter.

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