[collectd] Problems with 'traffic' plugin

Sune Marcher sm at flork.dk
Thu May 4 20:04:51 CEST 2006

Okay, I've played around some more.

I separated the getifaddrs code from collectd/traffic into an external
program and tried it on my Archlinux 0.7.1 vmware test. Kernel 2.6.16,
GCC 4.0.3, libc 2.3.6... somewhat more recent config than my slack

And still, the data field is NULL for all the devices in the list. Do
I need any special kernel config, system setup, or whatnot? And do you
guys use getifaddrs() for traffic, or do you depend on /proc/net/dev
parsing? And if getifaddrs() works for you, what distro/kernel/etc do
you use?

I hand-edited config.h to make traffic use the proc-parsing instead of
getifaddrs(), and that _does_ work (duh). And I guess that it gives
the exact same data as getifaddrs(), so I should be happy. But getting
at the data without harving to parse text would just feel better :)

Best regards,
 Sune Marcher <sm at flork.dk>

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