[collectd] Rrd display script

Vincent Stehlé vincent.stehle at free.fr
Sun Mar 5 22:09:50 CET 2006

Sebastian Harl wrote:
> I'm just curious: Why don't you use collection.cgi? What are the advantages of
> your script? Well, you don't need a cgi-bin... but hey - if your able to run
> perl scripts on a host somehow, you're usually able to run perl cgi-scripts as
> well...

Good question.

First, I must say I do not run a web server on all my machines, and by 
the time that script got written, the "distributed" feature of collectd 
was not coded. So, running the script on each host manually, and looking 
at the results by pointing a web browser to the generated files directly 
made sense, and was fine for me.

Now, I know collectd has this "distributed" feature, and some cgi 
scripts are readily available. But I am still too lazy to configure all 
this. So, I preferred to stick with the perl script, which finds the 
data sources automagically and does an acceptable coloring.

So it boils down to lazyness, after all :)

Best regards,

Vincent Stehlé

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