[collectd] collectd 3.9.3 on debian sarge Cannot assign requested address

Thomas Stegbauer thomas.stegbauer at tronicplanet.de
Mon Jul 10 18:43:32 CEST 2006

hi ml,

i installed today collectd from
deb http://verplant.org/debian stable collectd
its version 3.9.3.

i setup one machine as server and several others as client
all clients running original debian kernel 2.6.8-3 (currently i have
only two) are running 2.6.8-3-686 are unable to send out data over network.
i get

Jul 10 18:36:43 lx02 collectd[13809]: sendto: Cannot assign requested
Jul 10 18:37:13 lx02 last message repeated 131 times
Jul 10 18:38:13 lx02 last message repeated 222 times
Jul 10 18:39:13 lx02 last message repeated 234 times
Jul 10 18:40:13 lx02 last message repeated 234 times

i had before kernel 2.4.31 (self-compiled) running on that box. there it
worked fine. after rebooting 2.6 it doesn't.

any ideas?

i had even a host-routing entry for to the machine,
where the server is running, but it didn't help.


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