[collectd] Re: collectd-3.7.1 compile error, digest <et.al.>

Werner Heuser Werner.Heuser at web.de
Sun Feb 19 13:34:22 CET 2006

Hi Florian,

> $ svn co https://subversion.verplant.org/collectd/trunk collectd
> for the current development version or
> $ svn co https://subversion.verplant.org/collectd/tags/collectd-3.7.2
> for the sources that will become release 3.7.2 eventually.

both commands work. But I am missing Makefile and configure.
Am I right that I have to run ./build.sh?


+ autoheader
+ aclocal
+ libtoolize --ltdl --copy --force
ls: libltdl/*: No such file or directory
libtoolize: cannot list files in `/usr/share/libtool/libltdl'

> Also, could you send a copy of your config file? Thanks :)
I found the bug, when adding the config file to the draft
for this mail, vim showed me one space after this line:

LoadPlugin battery 

Removing the space and restarting collectd provided the
BAT0 directory with three rrd files. No I have to learn
how make a graph from this :)

	Thank you


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