[collectd] [PATCH] email plugin: Made socket settings configurable.

Sebastian Harl sh<span style="display: none;">.trailing-username</span>(a)<span style="display: none;">leading-domain.</span>tokkee.org
Sun Dec 3 19:41:31 CET 2006


On Sun, Dec 03, 2006 at 03:49:58PM +0100, Stan??k Lubo?? wrote:
> when you are making changes for the enhanced plugin's configuration,
> would it be possible to make the socket path configurable too?

Sure :-)

> Because it is of the high probability that more plugins will use the
> UNIX socket communication

I am thinking about writing some mechanism to create such modules (i.e.
provide some functions that do all the common work of setting up and handling
data transfer into collectd thru a UNIX socket). However, as data processing
is quite plugin-dependant I could not find a good solution for it yet.
Suggestions are very welcome. :-)

> would it be possible to make the socket path prefix configurable by the
> autoconf script instead of the hardcoded '/tmp'?

Imho it makes more sense to make the UNIX socket prefix (i.e.
"/tmp/.collectd") configurable thru the config file than having each plugin
have its own socket path or making it a compile time option.

> Would you be also able to add an ignorelist to the spam_check?

Yes, that's on my TODO list already. I also want to use Flo's AVL trees to
manage most of the collected data.

> It would be also possible to add such feature to the SA plugin.

It does not make sense to implement this twice. The SA plugin is only
responsible for providing the data. It's the email-plugin's job to process and
filter the data.


Sebastian "tokkee" Harl
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