[collectd] Slowing Down collectd?

Bogdan bogdan at toleap.com
Sat Oct 29 05:32:39 CEST 2005

I like the idea of 10 sec intervals, but it is not relevant for me to have  
it pull the data so often. Is it possible to set it to run every 30sec or  
every 60sec instead, and Have the same reflected automatically in the RRD  
Databases. As it is now, even though very fast, collectd is racking up  
some CPU time, and the biggest problem is that graph generation takes  
about 4 seconds because there is so much data it need to plow through.

I tried to do it my self by editing the source, but lets just say that did  
not go anywhere :( Never really programmed in C.

Other then that colectd is a very cool tool, just would be cool if it head  
this feature.

Another Problem I have is that colectd created several databases for my  


But what do the numbers stand for? I am doing a bit of experimenting to  
see which partition is which, but so far I am a bit confused. Here are the  
drives I have mounted:

/dev/ida/c0d0p1 @ /
/dev/ida/c0d2p1 @ /srv
/dev/ida/c0d1   @ /srv/file

How can I figure out how that corresponds to the log files?

Thank you,

  - Bogdan

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