[collectd] Questions, mostly about collection.cgi

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Fri Nov 25 17:28:47 CET 2005

Hello Alex,

On Fri, Nov 25, 2005 at 04:32:41PM +0200, alex wrote:
>  1. How i can use 'mails' item from '$GraphDefs' massive in 
> 'collection.cgi'?

that has hardly anything to do with collectd: collection.cgi is based on
a script I wrote to display graphs some time ago. Back then I collected
the data using a bunch of shell- and perl-scripts.. IIrc the mail-script
worked with postfix and used the perl-module `File::ReadBackwards' to
read the logfile..

>  2. Can we use disk 'throughput' (from man) base that have next 
> fingerprint in 'collection.cgi'?
> #disk => ['-t', '{host} disk {inst} IO wait', '-v', 'Seconds'],
>     I think that this is very interesting parameter.

The `disk' RRD files have data sources (DS) named `rtime' and `wtime'.
These are some mysterious `time' values from `/proc/diskstats'. I'm not
entirely sure what exactly these values mean and couldn't find that out
either.. If you do, please let me know :)

>  3. How i can see not only day but and week|month|year statistics in 
> browser?

If you substitute the `/day' at the end of the URL for the daily graph
with `/week', `/month' or `/year' you get the according graphs..

>  4. When i use museum.cgi after i added collection i have only 'go 
> back to my museum' in collection page and it all (without any errors)?

The `museum.cgi' is not up-to-date right now since I'm focussing on
collection.cgi which will be much improved in the next version..

> I also add description for 'processes' in '$GraphArgs' in
> 'collection.cgi':

Yeah, I forgot that.. It's fixed in the svn..

Florian octo Forster
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