[collectd] memory.c and /proc/meminfo

Hanik, Filip Filip.Hanik at laquinta.com
Thu Nov 17 21:17:37 CET 2005

I was getting really funky results, I found that this code worked better on Fedora Core 4.

---line 106 memory.c
	if (mem_used >= (mem_free + mem_buffered + mem_cached))
		//mem_used is the total, if mem_used is the biggest number
		mem_free = mem_free + mem_buffered + mem_cached;
		//mem_used -= mem_free + mem_buffered + mem_cached;
		mem_used -= mem_free;
		memory_submit (mem_used, mem_buffered, mem_cached, mem_free);

Memory total, is the total of mem_free and mem_used

Any thoughts?

I'm a super beginner C programmer, so little hard for me to know if this would work on other platforms.


Filip Hanik
Sr Software Engineer
La Quinta Corporation 


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