[collectd] How to store MySQL statistics?

Niki Waibel niki.waibel at newlogic.com
Tue Dec 20 14:08:14 CET 2005

> During some tests I found that relpacing / with __ (2x _) is very usefull.
> Programs don't crash on this en people don't use a double _ in the directory
> name.

well, 1 _ was just to make it very easy to convert the c char* string.
it is compleately suboptimal, but for testing it is fine.

> Oh, I was wondering, why include a type and name in the filename? With id and
> dir you should be able to identify the quota you're storing? (or am i missing
> something?)

seems you are missing sthg. it makes a great difference if
you are counting the
        redflag user quota, dir=/home/redflag, id=5000 (uid)
or the
        redflag group quota, dir=/home/redflag, id=5000 (gid)
assuming that NOT JUST redflag CAN WRITE INTO /home/redflag!!!!!

this is widely used in big companies when many people work on
different projects. access to a project is gained by the group.
and the dir setup is sthg like this:
        drwxr-x--- redflag redflag /home/redflag/releases
        drwxrws--- redflag redflag /home/redflag/svn_repository
        drwxrws--t redflag redflag /home/redflag/work
        drwxr-s--- niki    redflag /home/redflag/work/niki

using quotas you can track which user is taking how much space.

if people are working on large projects:
        size > 200 gbyte (each project)
        files > 600000 (each project)
it is impossible to run
        du -k  /home/*


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