[collectd] Pidfile almost right in 3.5.0? ;)

Tommie Gannert d00-tga at d.kth.se
Sun Dec 18 10:13:54 CET 2005

Hi all!

First of all, many thanks to Florian for creating and maintaining
collectd. Just promise me to keep the core small and efficient. ;)
(Speaking of threading and modules...)

Anyway. I'll soon post a new ebuild-bug-report to Gentoo Bugs for
3.5.0... So, it's time for a bug report, since I'll be including
these patches in the Gentoo bug report anyway:

 1) The pidfile_remove() should take an argument... To support the
    command-line option.

 2) Right now, only SIGINT is trapped for graceful shutdown. I
    suggest adding SIGTERM (pointing to sigIntHandler) to support
    using 'kill' without any arguments. (It's easy to forget,
    causing the daemon to abruptly terminate...)


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