[collectd] Re: Cross-compiling of collectd

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Thu Dec 15 10:05:24 CET 2005

Hi again :)

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 04:37:30PM -0500, Stuart Nicholson wrote:
> Although the firmware for those systems is frozen and it's too late
> for collectd-in-space, I'm adding it to the current development image
> for Copperfield-2 products, and considering using the collectd/rrdtool
> tools and data formats for telemetry-gathering.

Too bad collectd missed the deadline, but if I understood the
information I've found right adding it to the development image means
that it'll become airborne eventually, right? That'd be awesome :)

> >which gcc/binutils version are u using?
> I'm using gcc 3.3.3 as supplied in the Denx developer's distribution.
> ppl-linux-gcc -v reports:

Sorry, I haven't included this information in the reply, my bad :/

> I'm building collectd-3.4.0.tar.gz.
> > i would bet that libtool (libltdl) handles your case now...
> I don't think that libltdl is being used  in that version.

I'll try to pack a new release soonish.. I want to release a version
before merging the configfile stuff to the trunk and will try to do that
tomorrow.. Guess it depends on my progress regarding christmas gifts ;)

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