[collectd-changes] collectd, the system statistics collection daemon: Changes to 'refs/tags/collectd-5.4.2'

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Thu Feb 26 15:07:16 CET 2015

Tag 'collectd-5.4.2' created by Florian Forster <octo at collectd.org> at 2015-02-26 14:07 +0100

Tag for version 5.4.2.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since collectd-5.4.1:
Adrian Miron (1):
      fix for #477: Notification time gone wrong

Arthur Marble (1):
      curl_xml plugin: Fixed tautological pointer comparison error.

Bjørn Nordbø (1):
      Link aggregation.so to libm.so

Denis Boulas (1):
      Added documentation for StatsD module per added functionality in issue #403.

Florian Forster (27):
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10' into collectd-5.3
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      collectd.conf: Fix default packet size of the network plugin.
      collectd.conf(5): Improve documentation of LoadPlugin.
      collectd.conf(5): Improve AutoLoadPlugin documentation.
      java plugin: Make sure cjni_thread_detach() is called on all paths.
      GenericJMXConfConnection: Remove unused imports.
      src/utils_rrdcreate.c: Free "args".
      python plugin: Don't create empty meta_data_t objects.
      src/utils_format_json.c: Handle empty meta_data_t gracefully.
      src/meta_data.c: If the meta_data_t is empty, avoid calling malloc(0).
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github/collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.3
      curl plugin: Use the utility functions for config handling.
      src/utils_match.[ch]: Implement match_value_reset().
      network plugin: Improve client connecting behavior.
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      src/common.c: Fix strstripnewline().
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      swap plugin: Make "cached" optional under Linux.
      cpu plugin: Remove temperature code for Mac OS X.
      Revert "Plugin exec: change notification time to integer."
      collectd-exec(5): Clarify the format of the Time: header.
      Bump version to 5.3.2; Update ChangeLog.
      dbi plugin: Switch to libdbi's thread-safe interface.
      ChangeLog: Add libdbi fix.
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      Bump version to 5.4.2; Update ChangeLog.

Jan Kundrát (1):
      lvm: Do not segfault when there are no VGs

Jeremy Katz (1):
      Call curl_global_init() in _init of plugins using curl

Jim Radford (2):
      libperl's ldopts include libaries and therefore should go in LIBS not LDFLAGS
      perl plugin: plugins are linked with *_LIBADD and LIBS not *_LIBS and LIBS

Joel Uckelman (1):
      Updated Color to match DataSources and DSName for single-series graphs.

John Leach (1):
      Statsd: support samplerate field in timing metric types

John-John Tedro (1):
      write_riemann plugin: Receive acknowledge message when using TCP.

Justin Burnham (1):
      Fix missed change from int to double for interval

KOMEDA Shinji (2):
      patch required to build oracle plugin, collectd-5.4.0 (#653)
      mistake, SAVE_LIBS="$LIBS" is correct.

Katelyn Perry (1):
      fix grammar in plugin loading error message

Kevin Bowling (7):
      [METRICS-383] write_tsdb plugin
      Uncrustify write_tsdb
      [METRICS-383] Add HostTags which adds tags for all metrics from this writer
      [METRICS-390] Add tag writing from metadata using TSDB target_set patches
      [METRICS-390] Fix string handling for TSDB prefix and tags
      [METRICS-390] Make sure HostTags is initialized if not configured
      EL <6 provide perl-ExtUtils-Embed with base perl

Lauri Tirkkonen (1):
      don't assume pkg-config is in PATH

Manuel Luis Sanmartin Rozada (2):
      Fix check for htonll in configure.ac
      Fix check for htonll in configure.ac

Manuel Luis Sanmartín Rozada (6):
      AIX doesn't have MSG_DONTWAIT, define as MSG_NONBLOCK
      Fix getargs declaration to compile in AIX7
      Plugin threshold: time is not set in missing notifications.
      Plugin java: fix notification time conversion to cdtime_t.
      cmd PUTNOTIF time option: handle double values.
      Plugin exec: change notification time to integer.

Marc Fournier (52):
      link iptables plugin against flags from pkg-config
      indent wh_init() to be consistent with the rest of the file
      curl_json: also allow long callback names.
      add brackets to the list of characters graphite chokes on
      write_riemann: coding style consistency
      add missing backticks which broke the build
      manpage: document 2 missing options to amqp plugin section
      fix: use DOUBLE_TO_CDTIME_T() to match input type
      RedHat RPM spec: add modbus plugin
      Merge pull request #689 from ymettier/ym/cd53_fix_tcpconns_inet_diag
      Merge pull request #540 from tokkee/configure
      snmp: free snmp_pdu struct allocated by snmp_pdu_create()
      collectd.conf(5): add detail & example about multi-instance filterchain targets
      RPM specfile: update changelog without incrementing release number
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      RPM specfile: remove duplicate modbus block
      RPM specfile: remove macro accidentally re-added when handling merge conflict
      RPM specfile: remove define accidentally re-added when handling merge conflict
      RPM specfile: add missing %files section for modbus plugin
      RPM specfile: support for RHEL7
      RPM specfile: fix bogus dates
      RPM specfile: enable netlink plugin on RHEL > 5
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      RPM specfile: enable lvm plugin on RHEL7
      statsd: clarify/simplify documentation & example
      correct typo in error message
      logfile: avoid total silence in case of a misconfiguration
      redhat initscript: add timeout when stopping the daemon
      write_redis: re-add colon dropped in b7984797
      add write_redis to manpage
      snmp: avoid freeing req under normal operation
      Revert "Let snmp_synch_response deal with PDU freeing"
      Revert "Let snmp_synch_response deal with PDU freeing"
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10' into collectd-5.3
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      cpu: remove legacy assignment to undefiend variable
      RPM specfile: require package providing ltdl.h
      netlink: ensure size_t portability in DEBUG() statement
      redhat initscript: move restart block to a function
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10' into collectd-5.3
      collectd.conf example: remove erroneous quotes
      RPM specfile: avoid packaging some files twice
      types_list: fix carriage return sign
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10' into collectd-5.3
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4
      RPM specfile: misc improvements related to perl files
      write_http: make callback names context-dependent
      mysql: document defaults to boolean config options
      RPM specfile: doc clarification
      Merge pull request #899 from mfournier/write_http-multiple-destionations
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10' into collectd-5.3
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.3' into collectd-5.4

Matthias Urlichs (1):
      Please free strings *after* printing them ;-)

Micha Krause (1):
      added doc CollectStatistics to section rrdcached

Pierre-Yves Ritschard (12):
      Graphite deals poorly with metric names containing quotes.
      Merge pull request #592 from mfournier/bug-582
      Merge pull request #630 from llnw/F-METRICS-383-tsdb-writer-5.4
      Revert "write_tsdb plugin"
      Merge pull request #677 from collectd/revert-630-F-METRICS-383-tsdb-writer-5.4
      Merge pull request #579 from mfournier/libiptc-ldflags
      Merge pull request #764 from tokkee/sh/collectd-5.3
      Merge pull request #765 from tokkee/sh/write-err
      Merge pull request #796 from mfournier/write_redis-colon-mistake
      Let snmp_synch_response deal with PDU freeing
      Let snmp_synch_response deal with PDU freeing
      Merge pull request #827 from yogeswaran/collectdctl

Ruben Kerkhof (1):
      virt plugin: only gather stats for running domains

Scott Sanders (1):
      Bit shift right by 8 to get return code from exit status

Sebastian Harl (4):
      configure: Fixed check for libsigrok and AM_PATH_GLIB_2_0.
      utils_vl_lookup: Fixed a race when creating user objects.
      write_graphite plugin: Improved error reporting when connecting to the server.
      Use the complain mechanism to report write failures.

Vincent Bernat (2):
      network: don't enable gcrypt thread callbacks when gcrypt recent enough
      ipmi: use SIGIO instead of SIGUSR2 to avoid conflict with JVM

Vladimir Smirnov (1):
      Fix typo in if caluse

Wilfried Goesgens (3):
      Configparser: when we alocate an empty list, we also need to reset the counter; else we will trip over this later.
      curl_json: fix the array access implemented in f1e1e37e
      Syslog: if we can't find the loglevel specified by the configuration string default to 'info' and warn about the unknown configuration option. no way to make syslog totaly silent anymore.

Yoga Ramalingam (6):
      collectdctl command hangs on AIX and returns error 0 on Solaris.
      Wrap the content of macro with do/while to make it safer as per code review comment
      Removed extra semicolon
      Fix Py list length check in cpy_build_meta()
      Fixed indentation and decreased reference count
      configure: Fixed check for AM_PATH_LIBCCRYPT

Yves Mettier (1):
      Fix for 'linux/inet_diag.h: No such file or directory'

trenkel (1):
      Merge pull request #839 from yogeswaran/python

txaj (1):
      Add DeleteSocket option in synopsis of manpage

 ChangeLog                                          |  179 +++++++++++
 .../collectd/java/GenericJMXConfConnection.java    |    2 -
 configure.ac                                       |  114 ++++---
 contrib/collection3/etc/collection.conf            |   10 +-
 contrib/exec-nagios.px                             |    2 +-
 contrib/redhat/collectd.spec                       |  123 ++++---
 contrib/redhat/init.d-collectd                     |   31 +-
 src/Makefile.am                                    |    7 +-
 src/aggregation.c                                  |    3 +-
 src/collectd-exec.pod                              |   10 +-
 src/collectd-unixsock.pod                          |    1 +
 src/collectd.conf.in                               |   45 ++-
 src/collectd.conf.pod                              |  138 +++++++-
 src/common.c                                       |    4 +-
 src/configfile.c                                   |    9 +-
 src/cpu.c                                          |   71 +---
 src/curl.c                                         |    2 +
 src/curl_json.c                                    |   44 ++-
 src/curl_xml.c                                     |   11 +-
 src/dbi.c                                          |   36 ++-
 src/filter_chain.c                                 |   67 ++--
 src/ipmi.c                                         |    2 +-
 src/java.c                                         |   68 ++--
 src/libcollectdclient/client.c                     |    1 +
 src/libcollectdclient/network_buffer.c             |    4 +
 src/libvirt.c                                      |    6 +
 src/logfile.c                                      |    6 +-
 src/lvm.c                                          |    5 +
 src/memcachec.c                                    |    1 +
 src/meta_data.c                                    |    8 +-
 src/netlink.c                                      |    2 +-
 src/network.c                                      |  340 ++++++++++++--------
 src/pinba.c                                        |    5 +
 src/plugin.c                                       |    2 +-
 src/processes.c                                    |    2 +-
 src/pyvalues.c                                     |   11 +-
 src/snmp.c                                         |    6 +
 src/statsd.c                                       |   31 +-
 src/swap.c                                         |    5 +-
 src/syslog.c                                       |    4 +
 src/tcpconns.c                                     |   13 +
 src/threshold.c                                    |    5 +-
 src/types_list.c                                   |    2 +-
 src/utils_cmd_flush.c                              |   15 +-
 src/utils_cmd_getval.c                             |   15 +-
 src/utils_cmd_listval.c                            |   15 +-
 src/utils_cmd_putnotif.c                           |   30 +-
 src/utils_cmd_putval.c                             |   15 +-
 src/utils_format_graphite.c                        |   16 +-
 src/utils_format_json.c                            |   13 +-
 src/utils_match.c                                  |   14 +-
 src/utils_match.h                                  |   13 +-
 src/utils_rrdcreate.c                              |    1 +
 src/utils_vl_lookup.c                              |   11 +-
 src/write_graphite.c                               |   20 +-
 src/write_http.c                                   |   18 +-
 src/write_redis.c                                  |    2 +-
 src/write_riemann.c                                |  145 ++++++---
 version-gen.sh                                     |    2 +-
 59 files changed, 1256 insertions(+), 527 deletions(-)

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