[collectd-changes] collectd, the system statistics collection daemon: Changes to 'refs/tags/collectd-5.3.0'

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Sun May 12 08:33:51 CEST 2013

Tag 'collectd-5.3.0' created by Florian Forster <octo at collectd.org> at 2013-04-10 16:39 +0200

Tag for version 5.3.0.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since collectd-5.2.2:
Dan Fandrich (7):
      Fix a NULL pointer dereference during shutdown
      curl* plugins: Added support for POST and arbitrary headers
      curl_xml plugin: Allow XML element nodes to be selected for text
      curl_xml plugin: Added support for XML namespaces
      Fix automatic link flags with libgcrypt 1.5.0
      curl_xml plugin: Fixed typo in documentation
      Get rid of a compiler warning with gcc 4.6.3

Daniel Hilst (2):
      Add Hostname option to Database block of dbi plugin
      Add Hostname option to dbi plugin. Use cdbi_config_set_string and fix udb_query_prepare_result argument

Florian Forster (98):
      src/utils_vl_lookup.[ch]: Support selecting values by regex.
      aggregation plugin: Make it possible to set parts of the identifier.
      Merge branch 'sh/config-include'
      apcups plugin: Implement the "ReportSeconds" option.
      Remove the redundant and little used STATIC_ARRAY_LEN() macro.
      riemann plugin: Improve the riemann_send() function.
      riemann plugin: Remove trailing white-space.
      riemann plugin: Make all private funcitons and module-global variables "static".
      riemann plugin: Move the creation of protobufs into their own function.
      riemann plugin: Add support for service names.
      riemann plugin: Fix a double-free issue with the shared structure.
      riemann plugin: Fix two minor bugs.
      src/common.[ch]: Implement strarray_{add,free}.
      riemann plugin: Use the new strarray interface to allow indefinite number of tags.
      riemann plugin: Implement the "StoreRates" option.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github-octo/pyr/riemann' into pyr/riemann
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      dbi plugin: Implement support for numeric options.
      riemann plugin: Clean up the riemann_connect() function.
      write_riemann plugin: Rename the "riemann" plugin.
      write_riemann plugin: Ensure a unified logging prefix.
      src/collectd.conf.in: Rename "riemann" to "write_riemann".
      write_riemann plugin: Unify the plugin's configuration semantic.
      collectd.conf(5): Add documentation for the write_riemann plugin.
      write_riemann plugin: Remove unused defines.
      dbi plugin: Replace cdbi_config_set_string() with cf_util_get_string().
      write_riemann plugin: Remove the "Delay" option.
      dbi plugin, collectd.conf(5): Document the "Host" option.
      src/plugin.[ch]: Use a pool of write threads to dispatch values to write plugins.
      src/plugin.[ch]: Remove the plugin_dispatch_values_secure() function.
      Merge branch 'pyr/riemann'
      README, AUTHORS: Update for the write_riemann plugin.
      src/plugin.c: Improve error messages in plugin_load().
      src/plugin.c: Fill in the time and interval before queueing the value list.
      src/plugin.c: Make the context cloning a bit more implicit.
      write_riemann plugin: Fix two bugs in the example configuration.
      write_riemann plugin: Update copyright information.
      write_riemann plugin: Use format_name() to generate the service name.
      write_riemann plugin: Implement the "AlwaysAppendDS" option.
      write_riemann plugin: Implement communication over TCP.
      write_graphite plugin: Change <Carbon> blocks to <Node> blocks.
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github-tokkee/sh/postgresql'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'github-tokkee/sh/netapp'
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      src/Makefile.am: Fix compilation of the riemann.proto file.
      src/plugin.c: Use cdtime_t to calculate the sleep intervals.
      snort plugin: Add a bounady check when reading from the metrics array.
      snort plugin: Replace strsep() (a BSD extension).
      snort plugin: Improve error handling.
      snort plugin: Split the snort_read() function.
      snort plugin: Assert that the configured "type" has only one data source.
      snort plugin: Implement the "Instance" config option.
      src/utils_rrdcreate.[ch]: Implement the srrd_create_async() function.
      rrdtool, rrdcached plugin: Whitespace fix.
      src/utils_rrdcreate.c: Free allocated memory in all error handling cases.
      src/utils_rrdcreate.c: Add folding markers.
      src/utils_rrdcreate.c: Lock files to be created.
      src/plugin.c: Assure rf->rf_next_read is initialized.
      rrdtool and rrdcached plugins: Don't update the file if ...
      snort plugin: Free md->instance in snort_metric_definition_destroy().
      collectd.conf(5): Add information about the snort plugin.
      AUTHORS, README: Add Kris and the snort plugin.
      collectd.conf(5): Improve documentation of CreateFilesAsync.
      Merge branch 'ff/rrd-async'
      configure.in: Update for autoconf 2.68.
      snort plugin: Replace the mmap() code with the tail-code from collectd.
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      curl_xml plugin: Change the "Namespace" config option …
      Merge remote branch 'origin/master'
      uuid plugin: Improve parsing of the dmidecode output.
      tail_csv plugin: Rename the "snort" plugin to "tail_csv".
      tail_csv plugin: Rename "Instance" blocks to "File".
      Merge branch 'jw/libvirt'
      tail_csv plugin: Some bug fixes.
      tail_csv plugin: Rename the "Index" option to "ValueFrom".
      tail_csv plugin: Implement the "TimeFrom" option.
      src/plugin.c: Assert that "data_sets" is non-NULL.
      Merge branch 'kn/snort'
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      write_mongodb plugin: Add authentication options.
      src/utils_random.[ch]: Provide thread-safe random numbers.
      rrdtool plugin: Use cdrand_range() for the random variation.
      configure.in: Check for protobuf-c.h.
      src/Makefile.am: Move *.pb-c.[ch] to MAINTAINERCLEANFILES.
      configure.in: Fix dependency of the pinba and write_riemann plugins.
      .gitignore: Add src/*.pb-c.[ch]
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      src/riemann.proto: Import the protocol buffer for Riemann 0.2.0.
      write_riemann plugin: Use the "Attributes" of an Event rather than abuse the "Tags".
      write_riemann plugin: Reorder the functions to get rid or prototypes.
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      netapp plugin: Fix the interval used by the SnapVault and quota metrics.
      Merge branch 'collectd-5.2'
      Bump version to 5.3.0; Update ChangeLog.
      configure.in: Fix libgcrypt flags on FreeBSD.
      Build system: Don't ship the generated *.pb-c.[ch] files.
      src/Makefile.am: Add *.proto to EXTRA_DIST. D'oh!
      src/Makefile.am: Really don't distribute *.pb-c.[ch].

Greg Mason (1):
      Increase MAX_NUMDISKS

Johan Wirén (4):
      libvirt: Added support for memory allocation
      Applied the suggested changes.
      Reports memory allocation in bytes, not kilobytes.
      Added instance type "total"

Kris Nielander (4):
      snort plugin added
      Requested changes applied.
      Requested changes committed.
      Updated configuration directives.

Marc Fournier (1):
      RedHat RPM spec: updated for 5.3.0

Pierre-Yves Ritschard (4):
      Riemann UDP write plugin
      add support for notifications as well
      take into account PR comments from @octo
      respect riemann's terminology

Ruben Kerkhof (1):
      Look for IOPowerSources.h on Darwin only

Sebastian Harl (11):
      config: Added support for specifying include filter patterns.
      config: Implemented include filter pattern as sub-option in a <Include> block.
      configfile: Free a string buffer returned by cf_util_get_string().
      plugin: Pass on read-plugins' contexts to the write threads.
      netapp plugin: Added support for SnapVault® statistics.
      netapp plugin: Added VFiler® support.
      netapp plugin: Added support for collecting dedup/compressed saved info.
      netapp plugin: Added support for quota statistics.
      netapp plugin: Updated copyright information.
      postgresql plugin: Don't do any SQL query when checking the connection.
      postgresql plugin: If a query fails, try to reconnect immediately.

Yves Mettier (1):
      src/Makefile.am: Include .c and .h files generated from Protocol Buffers in the distribution.

 .gitignore                   |    3 +
 AUTHORS                      |    7 +
 ChangeLog                    |   39 ++
 README                       |   12 +-
 configure.in                 |   44 ++-
 contrib/redhat/collectd.spec |   50 ++-
 src/Makefile.am              |   44 ++-
 src/aggregation.c            |  235 ++++++++----
 src/apcups.c                 |   19 +-
 src/collectd.conf.in         |   65 +++-
 src/collectd.conf.pod        |  453 +++++++++++++++++++++--
 src/collectd.h               |    2 -
 src/common.c                 |   48 +++
 src/common.h                 |   10 +
 src/configfile.c             |   82 ++++-
 src/curl.c                   |   29 ++
 src/curl_json.c              |   28 ++
 src/curl_xml.c               |  112 +++++-
 src/dbi.c                    |   88 +++--
 src/disk.c                   |    2 +-
 src/libvirt.c                |   22 +-
 src/netapp.c                 |  825 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++-------
 src/network.c                |   16 +-
 src/nfs.c                    |    2 +-
 src/plugin.c                 |  541 +++++++++++++++++----------
 src/plugin.h                 |    3 +-
 src/postgresql.c             |    9 +-
 src/riemann.proto            |   45 +++
 src/rrdcached.c              |    8 +-
 src/rrdtool.c                |   42 +--
 src/snmp.c                   |    2 +-
 src/tail_csv.c               |  565 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 src/types.db                 |    3 +
 src/utils_random.c           |   75 ++++
 src/utils_random.h           |   40 ++
 src/utils_rrdcreate.c        |  319 +++++++++++++++-
 src/utils_rrdcreate.h        |    6 +-
 src/utils_vl_lookup.c        |  191 +++++++---
 src/utils_vl_lookup.h        |   13 +-
 src/utils_vl_lookup_test.c   |   42 ++-
 src/uuid.c                   |  101 +++---
 src/write_graphite.c         |   35 +-
 src/write_mongodb.c          |   53 ++-
 src/write_riemann.c          |  746 ++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
 version-gen.sh               |    2 +-
 45 files changed, 4406 insertions(+), 672 deletions(-)

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