[collectd-changes] collectd, the system statistics collection daemon: Changes to 'collectd-5.1'

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Fri Mar 22 21:56:17 CET 2013

 configure.in |  148 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++---------------------------
 1 file changed, 78 insertions(+), 70 deletions(-)

New commits:
commit ef3e165050891997ae1564a58ea1992d1d77dd2b
Author: Florian Forster <octo at collectd.org>
Date:   Fri Mar 22 21:55:02 2013 +0100

    configure.in: Quote AC_LANG_PROGRAM and remove AC_INCLUDES_DEFAULT.
    The latter isn't expanded anymore when quoted. There's no easy way
    around this :\

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