[collectd-changes] pkg-collectd: annotated tag "collectd-4.10.7-1" created. collectd-4.10.7-1

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Sat May 19 13:50:55 CEST 2012

The annotated tag "collectd-4.10.7-1" of project "collectd Debian package"
has been created
        at  bf2c25b9d7cc46c5e7723c721f6108c8973b180e (tag)
   tagging  23f7985b42bf2f73e9e6479311098195c2c12a5e (commit)
  replaces  collectd-4.10.4-1
 tagged by  Sebastian Harl
        on  Sat May 19 13:49:57 2012 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged collectd-4.10.7-1.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.12 (GNU/Linux)


Moritz Muehlenhoff (1):
      rules: Use dpkg-buildflags to determine compiler/linker flags.

Sebastian Harl (29):
      patches: Added bts619123_mkdir_endless_loop_fix.
      changelog: Updated to 4.10.5-1.
      copyright: Updated to 4.10.5.
      Updated changelog.
      README.Debian: Added section 'Cleanup of old data'.
      changelog: Updated to 4.10.7-1.
      patches/: Removed bts619123_mkdir_endless_loop_fix, ipvs_h_include.
      changelog: Mention the fix for #619123.
      patches/00list: Removed ipvs_h_include.dpatch.
      rules: Don't force building of the ipvs plugin.
      control: Updated to standards-version 3.9.3 -- no changes.
      collectd-core.{postrm,templates}: Prompt the user when purging the data dir.
      rules: Use /usr/share/javahelper/java-arch.sh to determine the Java arch.
      control: Build depend on javahelper providing java-arch.sh.
      collectd-core.collectd.init.d: Added cpufrequtils to should-start.
      collectd-core.collectd.init.d: Use the exit codes specified by LSB in status.
      control: Use linux-any, kfreebsd-any, etc.
      po/: Added Danish debconf template translation; thanks to Joe Dalton.
      po/: Added Brazilian Portuguese debconf template translation.
      po/: Added Polish debconf template translation.
      copyright: Updated Debian copyright years.
      Auto-updated po files.
      po/de.po: Updated German debconf translation.
      rules: define and export DEB_BUILD_MAINT_OPTIONS hardening opts.
      rules: Use $(shell …) rather than `…`.
      rules: Work around #673431 (kvm.h requires sys/types.h).
      changelog: New upstream fixes #664429 (kfreebsd FTBFS).
      control: Explicitly build-depend on libkvm-dev on kfreebsd.
      patches/: Added rtnl_dump_filter.dpatch.


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