[collectd-changes] pkg-collectd: annotated tag "collectd-4.10.0-1" created. collectd-4.10.0-1

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Tue Jun 8 22:57:15 CEST 2010

The annotated tag "collectd-4.10.0-1" of project "collectd Debian package"
has been created
        at  0aac4063477b9f99878b6d8dd762910632e3d90f (tag)
   tagging  699105b58e63322912e0a73706cfba24bb31b16b (commit)
  replaces  collectd-4.9.1-2
 tagged by  Sebastian Harl
        on  Tue Jun 8 22:56:54 2010 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged collectd-4.10.0-1.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Nobuhiro Iwamatsu (1):
      rules: Added support for Renesas SH4.

Sebastian Harl (19):
      control: Added rrdcached and tokyotyrant to the package description.
      control: Added missing plugins to package description.
      control: Sorted plugins alphabetically in package description.
      changelog: Updated to 4.10.0-1.
      copyright: Updated for 4.10.0.
      changelog, collectd.conf, control, rules: Added new plugins.
      {collectd,filters}.conf: Added new config options.
      control: Build-depend on libprotobuf-c0-dev and protobuf-c-compiler.
      patches: Removed bts566199_collection_hide_types -- applied upstream.
      patches: Removed typo_fixes -- applied upstream.
      rules: Define (and pass to configure) $JAR.
      Updated changelog.
      debian/po: Added updated po-files as changed by debconf-updatepo.
      patches: Added bts575029-collectd2html-xhtml.
      control: Updated to standards-version 3.8.4 -- no changes.
      collectd.postinst: Manually replace /u/s/d/collectd/examples/ with a symlink.
      changelog: Be a bit more verbose.
      overrides: Override 'capitalization-error-in-description python Python'.
      control: Updated collectd-dev's versioned dependency on collectd to << 4.11~.


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