[collectd-changes] collectd, the system statistics collection daemon: Changes to 'refs/tags/collectd-5.0.0-beta0'

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Mon Dec 6 15:11:47 CET 2010

Tag 'collectd-5.0.0-beta0' created by Florian Forster <octo at leeloo.lan.home.verplant.org> at 2010-12-06 13:02 +0100

Tag for version 5.0.0-beta0.
Version: GnuPG v1.4.10 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since collectd-4.10.2:
Andres J. Diaz (4):
      Add Interesting option for thresholds
      Complete the collectd.conf man page.
      Add redis plugin.
      Fix a number of minor bugs.

Aurelien Reynaud (3):
      lpar plugin: check for donation support in libperfstat
      lpar plugin: update commen t regarding poll_idle vs pool_busy
      lpar plugin: rename NS_TO_TICKS() macro to CLOCKTICKS_TO_TICKS()

Aurélien Reynaud (5):
      Check for different versions of swapctl() in configure.in
      Add support for Solaris/HP-UX versions of swapctl in swap plugin
      New plugin - lpar
      lpar plugin: new attempt
      lpar plugin update

Florian Forster (201):
      FQDNLookup: Enable this option by default.
      v5upgrade target: This new target can be used to fix some "legacy" identifiers …
      interface plugin: Set the plugin instance rather than the type instance.
      df plugin: Make the "ReportReserved" behavior the default behavior.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      swap plugin: Add a missing "free" in an error case.
      libvirt plugin: Don't copy a string if it is not necessary.
      libvirt plugin: Use "sfree" rather than "free".
      collectd.conf(5): Minor markup cleanup.
      configure.in: Use pkg-config to check for libvarnishapi.
      Varnish plugin: Use _Bool for true/false flags.
      Varnish plugin: Make it possible to configure multiple instances.
      Varnish plugin: Set the instance name as plugin instance.
      Varnish plugin: Use the more common "Collect" prefix for config options.
      Varnish plugin: Correctly dispatch gauge and derive data types.
      Varnish plugin: Use the correct data sets when submitting the values.
      Varnish plugin: Apply the default setting to empty <Instance /> blocks.
      Varnish plugin: Use "varnish_config_apply_default" to initialize the structure.
      AUTHORS: Add Jérôme.
      src/configfile.[ch]: Implement "cf_util_get_flag".
      src/utils_threshold.[ch]: Use "cf_util_get_flag" for config handling.
      Merge remote branch 'jeromer/master' into jr/varnish
      Varnish plugin: Use DERIVE data sources for (most of) the worker thread statistics.
      Merge branch 'jr/varnish'
      configure.in: Update to POSIX 2008 standard.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      src/utils_dns.c: Import "rfc1035NameUnpack" from dnstop-20080321.
      dns plugin: Improve / remove error and debug messages.
      Merge remote branch 'jeromer/master'
      GenericJMX plugin: Implement the "InstancePrefix" option in "Connection" blocks.
      collectd-nagios: Implement the "-m" option (treat NaNs as critical).
      Merge remote branch 'mfournier/varnish-data-reorg'
      exec plugin: Remove backwards compatibility code.
      collectd-exec(5): Document the removed backwards compatibility code.
      contrib/exec-munin.px: Use the "PUTVAL" command explicitly.
      contrib/exec-munin.px: Use the environment variables for defaults.
      contrib/exec-nagios.px: Escape the hostname.
      contrib/exec-nagios.px: Use the environment variables for defaults.
      contrib/exec-smartctl: Print the "PUTVAL" command.
      contrib/exec-smartctl: Use the environment variables by default.
      mysql plugin: Remove legacy config handling code.
      mysql plugin: Remove the "mysql_qcache" type.
      mysql plugin: Remove the "mysql_threads" type.
      v5upgrade target: Don't use "memcpy" to copy static strings.
      v5upgrade target: Implement handling of the "mysql_qcache" and "mysql_threads" types.
      hddtemp plugin: Remove the "TranslateDevicename" config option.
      df plugin: Remove the "ReportReserved" config option.
      network plugin: Remove the "CacheFlush" config option.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      varnish plugin: Update the copyright and author information.
      README: Add the "varnish" plugin.
      redis plugin: Fix typos preventing a successful build.
      redis plugin: Whitespace fixes.
      redis plugin: Use "sizeof" rather than repeating the size.
      src/Makefile.am: Fix librabbitmq CPP- and LD-flags.
      amqp plugin: Fix a typo.
      amqp plugin: Explain numeric arguments to "amqp_login" and "amqp_basic_publish".
      amqp plugin: Use "service_name_to_port_number" to parse the "Port" config option.
      amqp plugin: Use the global (and widely used) "sfree" macro …
      configure.in: Move the checks for librabbitmq …
      README: Add the amqp plugin and the librabbitmq dependency.
      amqp plugin: Adapt to the new syntax of "format_json_value_list".
      src/collectd.conf.in: Add the AMQP plugin.
      amqp plugin: Add error messages and give saner example config values.
      amqp plugin: Implement persistent connection handling.
      amqp plugin: Let the user chose the delivery method.
      amqp plugin: Initialize the port number to 5672.
      amqp plugin: Put the connecting code into a separate function.
      amqp plugin: Implement the "StoreRates" option.
      amqp plugin: Added some comments. Rewrapped lines of the license header.
      src/collectd.conf.in: Add missing config options of the AMQP plugin.
      amqp plugin: Chose (hopefully sane) default values for all config options.
      amqp plugin: Implement publishing to multiple brokers.
      amqp plugin: Use the "camqp" prefix for all functions.
      amqp plugin: First step towards subscribing to data via AMQP.
      collectd-flush: Add a missing "break" in a "switch" case.
      collectd-flush: Minor coding style changes.
      amqp plugin: Enable the "StoreRates" option only when configuring a "Publish" block.
      amqp plugin: Add a debug message.
      amqp plugin: Only accept the "Persistent" option in "Publish" blocks.
      write_http plugin: Move "wh_value_list_to_string" to src/common.[ch].
      src/utils_cmd_putval.[ch]: Implement "create_putval".
      Merge branch 'master' into sp/amqp
      amqp plugin: Implement the "Format" config option.
      amqp plugin: Implement parsing of "PUTVAL" data.
      amqp plugin: Improve handling of the "routing key".
      amqp plugin: Use the content type to determine how to decode received messages.
      collectd.conf(5): Started documenting the AMQP plugin.
      collectd.conf(5): Finish documenting the AMQP plugin.
      collectd.conf(5): Add missing blank line.
      amqp plugin: Enable the "ExchangeType" option in Publish blocks, too.
      amqp plugin: Warn about incorrectly used "ExchangeType" option in "Publish" block, too.
      collectdctl: Explicitly cast "long" to "int". This might be a problem on 32bit architectures.
      redis plugin: Simplify configuration handling.
      configure.in: Reorder the library checks alphabetically.
      collectd.conf(5): Improve the "Redis plugin" documentation a bit.
      write_redis plugin: Add a new plugin writing collectd data to an instance of Redis.
      src/utils_db_query.[ch]: Remove legacy code.
      redis plugin: Use a linked list rather than an AVL tree.
      redis plugin: Improve the types used for storing information.
      redis plugin: Add default configuration.
      write_redis plugin: Fix copyright information.
      write_redis plugin: Use an "append" macro to fill the values buffer.
      write_redis plugin: Add all identifiers to a "set".
      Merge branch 'ff/redis' into ad/redis
      Merge branch 'ad/redis'
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      collectdctl: Fix problems with strict aliasing.
      collectdctl: Fix comparison with uninitialized variable.
      collectdctl: Reorder includes and set strict C99/POSIX mode.
      collectd-nagios: Remove unnecessary includes.
      collectd-nagios: Remove forgotten commend.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      src/types.db: Remove the "mysql_qcache" and "mysql_threads" types.
      perl plugin: Remove deprecated compatibility code from "Collectd_plugin_dispatch_values".
      perl plugin: Remove the deprecated "plugin_flush_{all,one}" functions.
      lpar plugin: Use the "cpu" type for the general CPU statistics.
      lpar plugin: Use booleans for the config options.
      lpar plugin: Refactor reading of "shared partitions".
      lpar plugin: Document why comsumed ticks may be larger than entitled ticks.
      lpar plugin: Fix error handling of the "perfstat_partition_total" function.
      nginx plugin: Make the cURL callback code easier to understand.
      lpar plugin: Move / add comments.
      lpar plugin: Introduce a "NS_TO_TICKS" macro.
      lpar plugin: Rename the "system" metric (from "sys").
      lpar plugin: Explain donations a bit more.
      lpar plugin: Account "idle" pool time rather than "max".
      lpar plugin: Use a global "perfstat_partition_total_t" struct.
      curl_json plugin: Improve error handling.
      apache plugin: Remove legacy code.
      mysql plugin: Remove some inactive (legacy) code.
      contextswitch plugin: Add copyright and author information.
      contextswitch plugin: Some coding style changes.
      Merge branch 'kr/ctxt'
      network plugin: Increase default buffer size to 1452.
      lpar plugin: Calculate "pool busy" from "pool idle", not the other way around.
      src/utils_time.[ch]: Add module for sub-second time handling.
      Various plugins: Don't call "time(2)" in the plugins to set vl.time.
      Merge branch 'master' into ff/subsecond
      src/configfile.[ch]: Add "cf_util_get_cdtime".
      src/plugin.[ch]: Change the "time" member to "cdtime_t".
      src/utils_time.h: Add macros for converting to "struct timespec" ..
      src/plugin.[ch]: Change the flush callbacks to take a "cdtime_t".
      network plugin: Don't use the "true" and "false" macros from <stdbool.h>.
      Various plugins: Some more fixes with the time_t → cdtime_t change.
      libvirt plugin: Don't set the time explicitly.
      java plugin: Fix conversion from / to Java.
      Various plugins: More fixes for the "cdtime_t" change.
      rrdtool plugin: Fix the "random variation" implementation.
      src/utils_cache.c: Fix timeout checking.
      thermal plugin: Remove explicit reference to "interval_g".
      src/common.c: parse_values: Add error handling.
      ipvs plugin: Remove explicit reference of "interval_g".
      powerdns plugin: Make calculation of timeout value more precise.
      src/collectd.h: Do not include <stdbool.h> here.
      Move the "cdtime_t" type to "collectd.h".
      Merge branch 'master' into ff/subsecond
      Many plugins and files: Convert "interval_g" and "vl->interval" to cdtime_t.
      src/types.db: Add type "current_sessions".
      amqp plugin: Fix order of includes.
      amqp plugin: Rename the "shutdown" function to avoid problems with shutdown(2).
      amqp plugin: Document the lock required to hold when calling "camqp_write_locked".
      AUTHORS: Add Sebastien Pahl.
      Merge branch 'sp/amqp'
      Merge branch 'ar/lpar'
      README: Add the "LPAR" plugin.
      AUTHORS: Add Aurélien Reynaud
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      src/{collectd,plugin}.c: Don't cast "-1" to cdtime_t.
      rrdtool plugin: Make sure "cache_timeout + random_variation" dosn't get negative.
      src/utils_cmd_flush.c: Fix parsing of the "timeout" option.
      zfs_arc plugin: Use the more generic "cache_*" types …
      zfs_arc plugin: Change the order of type instance "fields" for the "cache_result" type.
      v5upgrade target: Implement "upgrades" for the ZFS ARC plugin.
      unixsock plugin: Implement the "DeleteSocket" option.
      network plugin: Introduce new types for the "high resolution" time fields.
      Merge branch 'ff/highres'
      collectd.conf(5): Add documentation for the LPAR plugin.
      src/collectd.conf.in: Add the LPAR plugin.
      src/plugin.[ch]: Implement "missing" callbacks.
      src/common.[ch]: Implement "parse_identifier_vl".
      src/utils_cache.c: Call the "missing" callbacks when a value is not being updated.
      src/utils_time.[ch]: Implement work-around for Mac OS X …
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      ChangeLog: Add missing line (copynpaste error).
      configure.in: Fix a typo in an AC_ARG_WITH description.
      threshold plugin: Move the threshold checking code into a plugin.
      src/plugin.[ch]: Pass the user data to registered "missing" functions.
      src/common.h: NOTIFICATION_INIT_VL: Remove the "ds" argument.
      threshold plugin: Implement dispatching "missing" notifications.
      src/types.db: Replace all COUNTER data sources with DERIVE.
      src/types.db: Rename the data sources of all types with only one DS to "value".
      src/common.c: parse_value: Fix assignment of derive and absolute values.
      Various plugins: Change various plugins to use "derive" internally.
      Various plugins: Convert more plugins to use "derive" instead of "counter".
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.9' into collectd-4.10
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.10'
      swap plugin: Implement virtual / physical reporting on Solaris.
      swap plugin: Complain if physical and virtual reporting have both been deactivated.
      Bump version to 5.0.0; Update ChangeLog.

Garret Heaton (1):
      Fix incorrect error logging.

Hakon-Dugstad.Johnsen at telenor.com (2):
      Add collectd-flush command line utility.
      Update Makefile.am to build collectd-flush

Jérôme Renard (22):
      Varnish plugin: Add a new plugin for reading values from Varnish, a web proxy server.
      Varnish plugin: Added backend monitoring
      Varnish plugin: Added missing comments
      Varnish plugin: Added 'fetch' monitoring
      Varnish plugin: Added HCB monitoring
      Varnish plugin: Added list of fields to show what is monitored or not
      Varnish plugin: Added SHM monitoring
      Varnish plugin: updated alignment for a better readability
      Varnish plugin: Added more documentation
      Varnish plugin: Added SMA monitor
      Varnish plugin: Added a missing 0 in USER_CONFIG_INIT
      Varnish plugin: Added SMS monitor
      Varnish plugin: Added SM Monitor
      src/collectd.conf.in: Updated configuration directives + doc
      - Varnish plugin : removed extra space
      - Varnish plugin : Enabled monitor_backend and monitor_shm by default
      - Added Florian in the author list
      - s/monitor_/collect_/g
      - Varnish plugin : Added CollectTotals flag and monitors
      - Varnish plugin : removed documentation in collect.conf since it is now
      - Varnish plugin : added CollectWorkers
      - Varnish plugin : added pod documentation

Kimo Rosenbaum (1):
      add support for sysctlbyname: vm.stats.sys.v_swtch

Manuel Luis Sanmartín Rozada (1):
      PATCH apache.c: support IBM HTTP Server.

Marc Fournier (6):
      Varnish plugin: fixed missing dataset error.
      Varnish plugin: better rrd files layout
      Varnish plugin: add a default instance name if none defined in config.
      Varnish plugin: more concise formatting of plugin instance.
      Varnish plugin: coding style consistency
      Varnish plugin: renamed values to match configuration key names.

Ruben Kerkhof (1):
      Add InterfaceFormat setting to libvirt plugin

Sebastian Harl (20):
      collectd-flush: Simplified ‘usage()’ a bit.
      collectd-flush: Do not use ‘getopt_long()’.
      collectd-flush: Determine default socket from configured localstatedir.
      collectd-flush: Include version and author information in usage output.
      src/Makefile: Build and ship (in the tarball) the collectd-flush manpage.
      collectd-flush: Switched to a command based syntax.
      collectd-flush: Moved connection handling out of ‘flush()’.
      collectd-flush: Added support for the ‘getval’ command.
      collectd-flush: Added ‘getval’ to the help output.
      Renamed ‘collectd-flush’ to ‘collectdctl’ (collectd control interface).
      collectdctl: Added ‘listval’ command.
      collectdctl: Improved error reporting.
      collectdctl(1): Updated the manpage according to the latest changes.
      collectdctl: ‘flush’ now supports multiple plugins/identifiers.
      collectdctl: Moved examples section from help output to manpage.
      libcollectdclient: Added missing element to LCC_VALUE_LIST_INIT.
      collectdctl: Added support for the ‘putval’ command.
      collectdctl: Improved error reporting.
      libcollectdclient: Fixed handling of ‘U’ (undef) in ‘PUTVAL’.
      collectdctl: Added support for ‘U’ (undef) values in ‘putval’.

Sebastien Pahl (1):
      First implentation of an amqp output plugin

Sven Trenkel (1):
      python: Added support for subsecond interval.

 .gitignore                                         |    6 +
 AUTHORS                                            |   10 +
 ChangeLog                                          |   69 ++
 README                                             |   31 +
 .../org/collectd/api/CollectdFlushInterface.java   |    2 +-
 bindings/java/org/collectd/api/ValueList.java      |    6 +
 .../collectd/java/GenericJMXConfConnection.java    |   12 +-
 .../org/collectd/java/GenericJMXConfMBean.java     |   44 +-
 bindings/perl/lib/Collectd.pm                      |   29 -
 configure.in                                       |  310 ++++++-
 contrib/exec-munin.px                              |   10 +-
 contrib/exec-nagios.px                             |   10 +-
 contrib/exec-smartctl                              |   14 +-
 src/Makefile.am                                    |   89 ++-
 src/amqp.c                                         |  939 +++++++++++++++++
 src/apache.c                                       |   67 +-
 src/bind.c                                         |   41 +-
 src/collectd-exec.pod                              |    8 +
 src/collectd-java.pod                              |    8 +
 src/collectd-nagios.c                              |  101 ++-
 src/collectd-nagios.pod                            |    6 +
 src/collectd-perl.pod                              |   22 -
 src/collectd-threshold.pod                         |  194 ++++
 src/collectd.c                                     |   72 +-
 src/collectd.conf.in                               |  124 +++-
 src/collectd.conf.pod                              |  574 +++++++----
 src/collectd.h                                     |   24 +-
 src/collectdctl.c                                  |  591 +++++++++++
 src/collectdctl.pod                                |  160 +++
 src/common.c                                       |  125 +++-
 src/common.h                                       |   12 +-
 src/configfile.c                                   |   60 +-
 src/configfile.h                                   |   10 +-
 src/contextswitch.c                                |   36 +-
 src/cpu.c                                          |   50 +-
 src/cpython.h                                      |    2 +-
 src/csv.c                                          |    9 +-
 src/curl.c                                         |    2 -
 src/curl_json.c                                    |   47 +-
 src/dbi.c                                          |    4 +-
 src/df.c                                           |   94 +--
 src/disk.c                                         |   72 +-
 src/dns.c                                          |   50 +-
 src/exec.c                                         |   14 +-
 src/fscache.c                                      |   19 +-
 src/gmond.c                                        |   42 +-
 src/hddtemp.c                                      |  229 +-----
 src/interface.c                                    |   20 +-
 src/ipmi.c                                         |   11 +-
 src/iptables.c                                     |   16 +-
 src/ipvs.c                                         |   14 +-
 src/irq.c                                          |   49 +-
 src/java.c                                         |   31 +-
 src/libcollectdclient/client.c                     |    2 +-
 src/libcollectdclient/client.h                     |    2 +-
 src/libvirt.c                                      |  380 ++++----
 src/logfile.c                                      |   10 +-
 src/lpar.c                                         |  273 +++++
 src/madwifi.c                                      |   26 +-
 src/match_timediff.c                               |   28 +-
 src/memcachec.c                                    |    1 -
 src/memcached.c                                    |   47 +-
 src/modbus.c                                       |   16 +-
 src/mysql.c                                        |  382 +++-----
 src/netapp.c                                       |  162 ++--
 src/netlink.c                                      |   14 +-
 src/network.c                                      |  106 ++-
 src/network.h                                      |    2 +
 src/nfs.c                                          |    2 +-
 src/nginx.c                                        |   23 +-
 src/notify_email.c                                 |    4 +-
 src/onewire.c                                      |   17 +-
 src/openvpn.c                                      |   32 +-
 src/oracle.c                                       |    4 +-
 src/perl.c                                         |  115 ++-
 src/plugin.c                                       |  104 ++-
 src/plugin.h                                       |   27 +-
 src/postgresql.c                                   |   43 +-
 src/powerdns.c                                     |   16 +-
 src/processes.c                                    |   42 +-
 src/protocols.c                                    |   12 +-
 src/python.c                                       |    6 +-
 src/pyvalues.c                                     |   33 +-
 src/redis.c                                        |  311 ++++++
 src/routeros.c                                     |   26 +-
 src/rrdcached.c                                    |    4 +-
 src/rrdtool.c                                      |  142 ++-
 src/serial.c                                       |   10 +-
 src/snmp.c                                         |   47 +-
 src/swap.c                                         |  330 ++++++-
 src/tape.c                                         |    6 +-
 src/target_notification.c                          |    2 +-
 src/target_scale.c                                 |   12 +-
 src/target_v5upgrade.c                             |  472 +++++++++
 src/teamspeak2.c                                   |   14 +-
 src/ted.c                                          |    1 -
 src/thermal.c                                      |   65 +-
 src/threshold.c                                    | 1000 +++++++++++++++++++
 src/types.db                                       |  200 ++--
 src/unixsock.c                                     |   30 +-
 src/utils_cache.c                                  |  327 ++-----
 src/utils_cache.h                                  |    2 +-
 src/utils_cmd_flush.c                              |   16 +-
 src/utils_cmd_listval.c                            |    5 +-
 src/utils_cmd_putval.c                             |   36 +-
 src/utils_cmd_putval.h                             |    5 +
 src/utils_db_query.c                               |  248 +-----
 src/utils_db_query.h                               |    4 +-
 src/utils_dns.c                                    |   49 +-
 src/utils_dns.h                                    |    2 +
 src/utils_format_json.c                            |    2 +-
 src/utils_rrdcreate.c                              |   25 +-
 src/utils_threshold.c                              | 1054 --------------------
 src/utils_threshold.h                              |   87 --
 src/utils_time.c                                   |   64 ++
 src/utils_time.h                                   |   70 ++
 src/varnish.c                                      |  603 +++++++++++
 src/vmem.c                                         |   40 +-
 src/vserver.c                                      |   27 +-
 src/write_http.c                                   |  106 +--
 src/write_redis.c                                  |  238 +++++
 src/zfs_arc.c                                      |  109 +-
 version-gen.sh                                     |    2 +-
 123 files changed, 8319 insertions(+), 3996 deletions(-)

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