[collectd-changes] pkg-collectd: annotated tag "collectd-4.8.2-1" created. collectd-4.8.2-1

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Sat Dec 26 14:47:08 CET 2009

The annotated tag "collectd-4.8.2-1" of project "collectd Debian package"
has been created
        at  9ca831d34c798a3861a1d26623cf706b0976f0da (tag)
   tagging  28023c7f566f2df30fe6170e6e3ac42c086bec90 (commit)
  replaces  collectd-4.8.1-2
 tagged by  Sebastian Harl
        on  Sat Dec 26 14:46:13 2009 +0100

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Tagged collectd-4.8.2-1.
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Sebastian Harl (36):
      Split the "collectd" binary package into "collectd-core" and "collectd".
      Updated the path name for README.Debian.plugins in the documentation.
      Ship collection.conf in collectd-core rather than collectd.
      collectd-core.collectd.init.d: Do not start collectd if there is no config.
      control: Build-depend on the right combination of libsnmp-dev and perl.
      collectd.links: Symlink /u/s/d/collectd/examples to ../collectd-core/examples.
      collectd.postinst: Let the "collectd" package restart the daemon.
      Updated to 4.8.2-1.
      Updated copyright.
      patches: Removed gmond-fix-compile-error.dpatch.
      control: Build-depend on libsensors4-dev rather than libsensors-dev.
      rules: Pass --disable-static to configure.
      rules: Updated the path names of contrib/collectd_{network,unixsock}.py.
      collectd.conf: Documented sample network client and server configurations.
      rules: Install debian/collectd.conf as an example into "collectd-core".
      README.Debian{,.plugins}: Updated section about plugin dependencies.
      README.Debian: Added a short explanation of the package split.
      rules: Output the content of config.log if configure fails.
      rules: Pass --without-included-ltdl to configure.
      control: Build-depend on libltdl-dev.
      rules: Use dpkg-shlibdeps, rather than dh_shlibdeps to get collectd's deps.
      control: No longer conflict/provide/replace the "collectd-$plugin" packages.
      control: Split long lines.
      control: Documented some B-Ds and collectd-core suggestions.
      control: Update the list of collectd-core's suggestions.
      patches: Added bts561577_collectd2html_recursive_fix.dpatch.
      patches: Added bts557599_powerdns_fix.dpatch.
      changelog: Using --without-included-ltdl fixes CVE-2009-3736.
      patches: Added x-bit for all .dpatches.
      patches: Added bts559801_plugin_find_fix.dpatch.
      changelog: Set urgency to medium because of the fix for #559801.
      control: Fixed collectd-core's "Replaces: collectd" version.
      rules: Install {filters,thresholds}.conf as examples as well.
      collectd.conf: Fixed sample network "proxy" configuration.
      init script: Check for config file only when starting the daemon.
      README.Debian: Point to the sample configs in /u/s/d/collectd-core/examples.


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