[collectd-changes] pkg-collectd: annotated tag "collectd-4.6.2-1" created. collectd-4.6.2-1

Sebastian Harl sh at tokkee.org
Mon Apr 13 21:15:45 CEST 2009

The annotated tag "collectd-4.6.2-1" of project "collectd Debian package"
has been created
        at  606c654a481fbd8cd90c19b1ca56a1d3ab5c787a (tag)
   tagging  73d12b69a15d45963814703e3eb3685df902e7f4 (commit)
  replaces  collectd-4.5.1-1
 tagged by  Sebastian Harl
        on  Mon Apr 13 21:15:32 2009 +0200

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
Tagged collectd-4.6.2-1.
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Sebastian Harl (36):
      Added Vietnamese debconf template translation.
      copyright: Replaced (C) with ©.
      changelog: Updated to 4.6.0-1.
      changelog: Uploading to unstable.
      changelog: Mention the newly added Vietnamese debconf template translation.
      patches: Removed perl-uninitialized-var.dpatch.
      control: Removed duplicate "Section" field in package collectd-dbg.
      control: Updated package descriptions.
      control: Added buzz words "performance analysis" and "capacity planning".
      control: Updated collectd-dev's dependency on collectd.
      Added libcollectdclient0 and libcollectdclient-dev binary packages.
      changelog: Added an entry for the new binary packages.
      Added debian/libcollectdclient0.symbols.
      collectd.overrides: Override "spelling-error-in-description apache Apache".
      Added new binary package collectd-utils.
      changelog: Updated to version 4.6.1-1.
      control: Added new plugins to the package description.
      copyright: Updated for version 4.6.1.
      changelog: Be more verbose about the new binary packages.
      control: Added libdbi0-dev to the build dependencies.
      control: Let collectd-dbg recommend collectd-utils and libcollectdclient0.
      patches/: Added postgresql_conf_fix.dpatch.
      patches/postgresql_conf_fix.dpatch: Make sure "disk_io" doesn't return NULL.
      changelog: Merged entries for debian/patches/.
      patches/: Added types_list.dpatch.
      control: Moved collectd-dbg from section "utils" to the newly added "debug".
      collectd.init.d: Added the "status" command to the usage output.
      collectd.init.d: Start the daemon using start-stop-daemon's --oknodo option.
      control: Updated Standards-Version to 3.8.1.
      control: Let the -dev package depend on a strict version of the lib package.
      debian/copyright: Reference GPL-2 in addition to GPL (latest version).
      Let collectd-nagios replace collectd (<< 4.6.1-1~).
      Updated to collectd-4.6.2-1.
      changelog: The new release fixes #521748.
      changelog: The new release fixes #521993.
      po: Added Spanish debconf template translation.


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