[collectd-changes] collectd, the system statistics collection daemon: Changes to 'refs/tags/collectd-4.1.1'

Florian Forster octo at verplant.org
Fri Sep 28 16:40:43 CEST 2007

Tag 'collectd-4.1.1' created by Florian Forster <octo at leeloo.lan.home.verplant.org> at 2007-09-12 13:58 +0200

Tag for version 4.1.1
Version: GnuPG v1.4.6 (GNU/Linux)


Changes since collectd-4.1.0:
Florian Forster (36):
      Merge branch 'pull/collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.0
      contrib/collection.cgi: Quite some changes, but still incomplete and not very usable..
      contrib/collection.cgi: Don't show all the plugins on the host's page.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1
      src/common.c: Copy the error-string to the buffer - no matter which implementation is used.
      contrib/collection.cgi: Added meta graph handlers for nfs_procedure, ps_state, swap, mysql_commands, and mysql_handler.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1
      contrib/collection.cgi: Display MySQL traffic as bits/s, not bytes/s.
      sstrerror: Be even more cautios with the return value of `strerror_r'..
      exec plugin: Call `setgid' first so argitary groups can be configured.
      exec plugin: Set the real group, effective group, and real and effective user.
      src/plugin.c: plugin_dispatch_values: Include the interval in the debugging output.
      Merge branch 'pull/collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.0
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1
      build system: Some cosmetic fixes for the libupsclient.
      build system: Check for libnetlink.h in more than one directory.
      netlink plugin: Use the defines to determine where the `libnetlink.h' is.
      build system: Include <adm/types.h> when checking for `libnetlink.h'.
      Merge branch 'pull/collectd-4.1' into collectd-4.1
      contrib/collection.cgi: Fix a bug in the `meta_graph_generic_stack' function.
      ChangeLog: Added a note about the improved `sstrerror' function.
      ChangeLog: Fix a merge bug.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1
      ChangeLog: Documented the changes since 4.1.0.
      netlink plugin: Fix an error-message.
      collectd: Make `mkdir' error messages more identifiable.
      apcups plugin: Fix the types used in the plugin.
      Merge branch 'uni/collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.0
      Merge branch 'uni/collectd-4.1' into collectd-4.1
      ChangeLog: Documented the fix in the apcups plugin.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1
      rrdtool plugin: Use `-b' (begin) when creating rrd-files.
      Bumped version to 4.0.8; updated ChangeLog.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1
      contrib/PerlLib/Collectd.pm: Bumbed the version to 4.0.8.
      Merge branch 'collectd-4.0' into collectd-4.1

Sebastian Harl (5):
      Added "snmp" and "xmms" plugins to README and src/collectd.conf.in.
      Added the AC_FUNC_STRERROR_R check.
      README: Added libnetlink, libnetsnmp and libxmms prerequisites.
      Removed some legacy calls to DEBUG().
      plugin.c: Print lt_dlopen() error messages to STDERR as well.

Ulf Zimmermann (1):
      ChangeLog: Fix a typo.

 ChangeLog              |   27 ++
 README                 |   14 +
 configure.in           |   65 ++---
 contrib/collection.cgi |  614 +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++------------------
 src/apcups.c           |   16 -
 src/collectd-exec.pod  |    4 
 src/collectd.c         |    2 
 src/collectd.conf.in   |   46 +++
 src/collectd.conf.pod  |   12 
 src/common.c           |   33 ++
 src/dns.c              |    2 
 src/exec.c             |   44 ++-
 src/netlink.c          |   17 -
 src/ntpd.c             |    1 
 src/plugin.c           |   15 -
 src/rrdtool.c          |   20 +
 src/unixsock.c         |    3 
 17 files changed, 633 insertions(+), 302 deletions(-)

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